our community.

Become part of the Human community and connect with like-minded individuals pursuing a common goal.

Young Minds Charity Event.

Our community events work in partnership with Young minds charity an organisation that supports children’s mental health. 

We live in a country where one in every six 5-16 year-olds has a mental health problem. We have seen the number of young people presenting at A&E with urgent mental health needs has tripled in the last ten years.

The Human community events provide financial support to Young Minds in support of their mission.

Image of an attendee at the workplace wellbeing team away day

be a part of our community.

In our community, knowledge, and skills are exchanged to foster personal and professional development, friendships, and opportunities for meaningful collaboration.

We view our mission as a collective effort to celebrate each other’s gifts and talents, to support one another, and to improve the health not only of the individuals around us but also of future generations.

Group image of attendees at the human wellness team away day

our approach.

Humans can handle anything when in a community, here are 5 powerful reasons not to go it alone:

Collective wisdom

Collective wisdom refers to knowledge and insight gained through group and community interaction.

Our community allows members to learn, share, and grow as a collective.

Challenge and growth

As we embark on journeys of personal change, it can often be difficult to overcome obstacles along the way.

Together, we are able to find solutions with new ideas to support one another through the challenges and opportunities life gives us.


We are social creatures that are hardwired for connection.

The Human Programme is a mindful community where like-minded individuals seeking health and happiness can connect and grow together.

Community Accountability

A fundamental requirement for improving any aspect of life is accountability. 

The use of accountability in our community allows us to gain a greater understanding of society and grow in the right direction.

Empowered Education

We believe that every individual has the potential to succeed. Empowered Learning unlocks the potential of both learners and teachers, enabling them to achieve their goals.

Our community provides education and empowerment tools to achieve optimal health and happiness.

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