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Our online integrated health and wellbeing programme is designed to improve individual and collective health within the workspace. 

Dr. Matteo Bernardotto leads a wellbeing workshop at the human programme nature space in Surrey

our Online Programme

Our programme is designed to educate individuals on factors that shape their health, and what they can do in their every day lives to protect and promote their own health. 

Using collective action, and social support within the workplace, we aim to improve both individual and collective health and wellbeing within your team.

The programme has been created by a panel of wellbeing specialists in their chosen field to educate, support and guide your teams and employees with full support throughout the programme. 

The integrated health programme is an experience-based learner-led programme that focuses on adopting a number of healthy frameworks for your employees to live their lives to their fullest potential. 

Our online well-being programme offers your team a theory and practice-based learning experience under the guidance of Public health doctor Amy Bannerman.

Amy has a special interest in lifestyle medicine and has previously worked with medical schools to create ‘lifestyle medicine’ university courses for future doctors.

Our wellbeing sessions at work are engaging, interactive and educational.  We cover everything from physical health, nutrition, stress reduction techniques, sleep, lifestyle management, happiness & more. 

Group Size

To ensure each learner has sufficient support and guidance, we limit group sizes to 20 participants per programme. With a minimum group size of 4 attendees per programme.

The programme includes :

Habit formation coaching

The habits we develop in our daily lives can make or break our chances of achieving and maintaining our lifestyle goals, such as sticking to an eating plan, exercising regularly, and promoting longevity of health.

During this habit coaching programme, your team will be provided with the necessary habit formation and frameworks. 

Attendees will be guided through using them with personalised examples so that they can easily implement them into everyday living.

Sleep coaching

We will teach your team the fundamentals of sleep coaching in order to facilitate healthy sleep patterns and promote recovery.

Sleeping well is a skill that can often be developed through simple tools and techniques. 

When we don’t get enough sleep, our cognition is negatively impacted, compromising our full intellectual capacity, and reducing our ability to achieve many things that matter most to us which can extend to poor physical and mental health. 

Gut health & Nutritional strategies

We will provide your team with bespoke workplace healthy eating frameworks and lifestyle tools to optimise gut health and nutritional awareness. 

A healthy gut wall prevents viruses, fungi, and harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream, and supports our mental and physical health. 

We take into account social, cultural and economic aspects of the food environment too, helping individuals unpack what healthy eating looks like for them in a world of misinformation around food.

Breath-work education 

The breath work education we offer is designed to provide your team with evidence-based breathing techniques that can be applied during the day to reduce stress, increasing a sense of calm and focus.

Our breathing mechanics directly influence the fear response. Stress changes our breathing patterns, but conscious breathing techniques can reduce stress and strain almost immediately. 

A variety of mindfulness breathing exercises and deep breathing techniques will be provided to your team. Energy, calmness, mental clarity, and the ability to respond effectively in any situation will be improved through these exercises.

Movement Coaching

We will provide your team with the fundamental pillars of flexibility and mobility training to offset the effects of sedentary living, reducing everyday stress and strains on the body. 

Increased movement quality are closely linked to improved mobility, posture, muscle coordination, reduced risk of injuries and muscle soreness, enabling the body and mind to enter a state of relaxation and physical freedom. 

Attendees will learn about the benefits of physical activity in depth and importantly, how to practically increase levels of physical activity throughout the day.

Mental Performance Skills

Our team will provide your employees with the necessary strategies and frameworks to remain mentally flexible to perform optimally at a moment’s notice. 

Increasing mental wellbeing at work is central to the success of any organization, and our team is here to support you. 

Workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive, As much as 12% of productivity can be increased by addressing wellbeing at work. 

Community Focus

Our workplace wellbeing programme is an inclusive group coaching model that will bring your employees together to feel happier and healthier, not just individually but as a collective. 

Creating a successful and effective workplace culture can make a big difference to the success of an organisation.

A workplace that fosters community among employees often experiences a higher rate of trust, respect, empathy, and cooperation.

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We offer teams the opportunity to experience a full day of immersive learning in nature, to experience what it truly means to be human.

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We offer teams the opportunity to experience a full day of immersive learning at our nature space, to understand what it truly means to be human.