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“Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, and perseverance.”
– Scott Barry Kaufmann

Meet the team

A team of industry leaders in healthcare and wellbeing makes up the human programme education team

Amy Bannerman leads a wellbeing workshop at the human programme nature space in Surrey
Amy Bannerman.


Nathan simmonds leads a wellbeing workshop at the human programme nature space in Surrey

Nathan Simmonds


Ollie frost leads a wellbeing workshop at the human programme nature space in Surrey
Ollie Frost.

Founder of Human Wellness & Holistic therapist

Katie Fischer is an expert in the field of sleep and recovery, Katie will be delivering online and in-person sleep programmes.
Katie Fischer.


Backpain specialist Dr. Matteo Bernardotto leading a human programme wellness session
Dr.Matteo Bernardotto.


Osteopath Trevor Speller leads a wellbeing workshop at the human programme nature space in Surrey
Trevor speller.


Abbi Coleman


human programme neuroscientist delivering a wellbeing workshop
Nicole Vignola


Dr.Amy Bannerman is a Public health registrar in the NHS with a background in General practice and a special interest in physical activity. Previously Amy worked at Imperial College School of Medicine to design and deliver their first ‘Lifestyle Medicine and Prevention’ course; an evidence-based educational course about health behavior change at an individual and population level, to around 700 medical students per year.

FreeMind rapid change therapist Nathan Simmonds uses NLP, leadership coaching, and psychotherapy models combined with FreeMind RCT to help people endure and overcome adversity.

Nathan is a qualified Leadership coach in a number of  FTSE 250 organisations. With 24 years in leadership positions, and 12 years in leadership development. After being stuck in the so-called rat race, Nathan’s taken himself on a personal quest to understand why and how modern leadership is causing so much damage to itself, its people, and the world at large.

Ollie is a former professional rugby player who is now a sports therapist and endstage rehabilitation practitioner.

Over the years, Ollie’s well-rounded skill set and holistic approach to health have filtered through the Human Programme.

In order for individuals and groups to perform optimally in their work and personal lives, Ollie is passionate about combining the best healing methods for others to achieve their fullest potential.

Katie is a qualified Integrative Adult Sleep Coach with the International Parenting & Health Institute and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia clinician, certified by world-renowned Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs. Katie’s approach is a combination of holistic and CBT-i strategies to help adults in all stages of their lives overcome acute and chronic insomnia.
Dr.Matteo Bernardotto is a consultant in sport & musculoskeletal medicine. He is an expert in treating sport-related injuries as well as complex musculoskeletal pain, specialising in back, neck, shoulder, and jaw pain (temporomandibular disorder). His unique integrated approach combines modern, complementary, and cutting-edge regenerative medicine techniques. Dr. Matteo is currently working as a sports medicine practitioner for Fulham FC and team GB boxing team.
Trevor Speller is an Osteopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Anthropologist. Trevor is part of the medical support team, providing Osteopathy to the players at the all-England Wimbledon Tennis Championships and ATP World Tour Finals. The main focus of his clinic is working with clients who want a resolution from pain, who have faced long-term challenges to their physical health, and individuals who are looking to optimise their general well-being. Trevor is a knowledge seeker, a student of movement, and anatomy, and a lover of subjects that explore the human experience. He combines his osteopathic knowledge with pain science, exercise/rehabilitation, and his training with the Institute of Functional Medicine.⁣⁣
Abbi specializes in transformational breath work, neurolinguistic programming, and somatic therapy through the power of the breath. Alongside breath work, Abbi is a cold water therapist who has supported individuals, groups, and businesses to reach their full potential both mentally and physically through the power of breath and cold water exposure. As part of her work with the corporate world, Abbi has assisted individuals and groups in understanding the profound benefits of functional breathing and how it can affect day-to-day living inside and outside the office.

Nicole has a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Bristol, and an MSc in Organisational Psychology with a research focus in cognitive neuroscience that investigates high-risk decision-making. 


As a personal coach for over 12 years, Nicole has coupled her knowledge in the neuroscientific field to consult and educate companies on the science of human optimisation, mindfulness, and wellbeing, focusing on health and longevity to enable individuals to perform better in their daily lives and in turn, in the workplace

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Kay is a transformational breath coach and a oxygen advantage master instructor. Alonsgide breathwork Kay is a cold water therapist who supports individuals, groups and businesses reach their full potential both mentally and physically through the power of breath and cold water exposure.

Kay has played a role in transforming the lives of hundreds of people, working with businesses such as Aldi and The British Franchise Association and supporting athletes with their practices at fitness events, gyms and retreats.

Elliot has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years and developed multiple health and wellness spaces from the ground up.

Since starting his practice, Elliott has had the opportunity to help individuals develop healthy relationships within themselves, including professional athletes, world-champion martial artists, celebrities, charities, and schools.

Elliott’s approach to individual and group coaching has been crafted through the frameworks of lifestyle medicine.