Mini Human Programme

Human Wellness Programme for Children to thrive.

Mini human wellness provides immersive experiences that can help children develop resilience, self-awareness, and empathy.

June 3rd 2023 – 10.00 – 15:00.

AGE: 6-16


Our Mini Human Programme.

Mini human is a children’s mindfulness programme, designed to educate and empower the next generation, with health, and community at the heart. 

Our goal is to create a safe space for children to acquire the necessary life skills, that can be transferred into their everyday lives. Cultivating healthy habits and behaviors at a younger age will naturally transfer into later years of child and adult development. 

Through experience-based learning, mindfulness can help children manage emotions and build resiliency and self-regulation skills that are foundations for health and happiness. 

In our mindfulness experiences, children learn how to breathe, focus their attention, and tune into their emotions through fun and engaging activities.

By playing games, listening to stories, and doing exercises, children have a greater sense of calm, clarity, and self-confidence.

The Mini Human Experience provides hands-on and fun nature experiences, that all embody our core pillars of growth and personal development. 

If you’re looking for a way to help your child develop important life skills while having fun and making friends, consider signing them up for our Mini Human experiences. Your child will thank you for it!

Mini Human Pillars of Practice :

Play & Exploration

Play & exploration improves children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. The main focus of our programs is how play helps the body and mind adapt to the demands of society, especially when those demands are unpredictable and variable.

Mini-pillars of practice are learner-led that create a space for creativity, collaboration, and intuition to flourish. 

Empowered education

Helps children discover the amazing resourcefulness they have at their fingertips, and opens their eyes to their potential and value in the world.

Greeks originally defined school as ‘leisure in pursuit of knowledge, our programmes are centered around self leadership and collaboration.


Developing self-awareness involves understanding oneself, including thoughts, emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes, strengths, challenges, needs, and interests.

The goal of self-awareness practices is to empower children by providing them with the tools to regulate and manage their emotions. Children who are self-aware are able to make better decisions that are in line with their hearts and their intentions.


Collaboration, kindness, and authenticity are essential to our humanity. Our programmes are based around building a community that celebrates each person’s unique talents, passion, and backgrounds. 

With mindfulness practices, we can create space between the things that happen and how we react to them. We respond in a more balanced way, without hurting our own feelings or the feelings of others.

This immersive learning will allow the children to explore through elements of play and community-building.


What activities will the Mini Human Experience include? 

During the mini-human experience, children will explore the following:

  • Mindful movement
  • Interactive & partner movement games 
  • Breathing exercises for calm, focus & clarity
  • Nature walks 
  • Creative expression, Arts & Crafts
  • Cold water experience

Mini Human Experience Learning Outcomes:

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Increased individual physical and mental well-being 
  • Tools and techniques to support self-regulation 
  • Improved creativity and self-expression
  • Developed a sense of identity and a unique personality
  • Overall body awareness, balance, interpersonal communication, attentional focus, balance, and strength.

How will the Mini Human Experience be delivered? 

The Mini Human Experience is on June 3rd, 2023, 10 AM – 0300 PM. 

Location – Rushett Farm, Leatherhead Rd, Chessington, KT9 2NH


30 spaces available 

** Please pack lunches and water for this day experience.

** Age 6-16 **

The experience will be led by our Mini Human Coaches: Lou Spearing, Charlie Andrews and Nancy Gibson.

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We offer teams the opportunity to experience a full day of immersive learning in nature, to experience what it truly means to be human.

Our Mini human Team

Nancy Gibson


Charlie Andrews


Lou Spearing


Noshin Mohammed


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We offer teams the opportunity to experience a full day of immersive learning at our nature space, to understand what it truly means to be human.